40% OFF!

Bodhi’s Brew is offering 40% off our All Purpose Cleaner for 1 day! Use coupon code ALLIN1 at checkout for this incredible deal! Offer expires 4.28.17

The product that started it all! Our signature base is slow-brewed to fragrant perfection with essential oils and infused vinegar. All of Bodhi’s Brew products are multi-purposeful. The All Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean your ENTIRE home and is safe enough to use on your produce and garden. Now that’s natural! This cleanser is also great at keeping ants and fruit flies away, and leaves no sticky residue–it actually cuts grease!

Some other great uses our customers have recommended using our All Purpose Cleaner for are:


-Goo Gone



-Air Purifier (great in diffuser)





-Insect Repellent

-Air Freshener

-Produce Wash

-Entire House!!!!

Thanks for Living Mindfully,


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