Om-tastic Yoga Mat Cleanser 25% off

If you have not tried Bodhi’s Brew Om-tastic Yoga Mat Cleanser you are missing out!! The aromatherapy benefits of tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender are reason enough to try this infatuating scent–REVIVE, REFRESH, REJOICE!  In fact 3 of my favorite uses for this product have nothing to do with Yoga at all. Nightly I spray my bed linens before resting, and the quality of sleep has deepened drastically since I began.  My toddler even asked for it before bed last night because I had forgotten to spray his bed.  Secondly, it makes an awesome air freshener for the car–my hubby says he is more focused, and can think clearer when driving when he sprays.  Thirdly, it makes a wonderfully aromatic and refreshing body spray.  So in this bottle you get a yoga mat cleanser, bed linen spray, air freshener (great in bathroom too), body spray, deodorant and hand sanitizer.

Use code OMtastic at checkout for 25% of your order–valid through 4/21/17

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